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File Server Change Auditor

Use LepideAuditor for File Server and stay compliant with PCI, GLBA, and HIPAA
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22 June 2015

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This is an auditing tool for a file server in the Windows environment.

Windows File Servers contain crucial and sensitive business-specific information. Any changes made in the files or their configuration can compromise this data. These servers need to be monitored for authorized as well as unauthorized accesses and changes This tool also will be useful in proving compliance to various regulations such as SOX, PCI, GLBA, and HIPAA standards. Using this utility, administrators can easily track authorized or unauthorized access, changes made to the documents in files, folder structures, shares and permissions in the file servers in a Windows Server environment. One could set alerts so that the software generates instant real-time alerts on all the crucial changes made. You would be able to make out who made what change, when, where, and from which workstation. It would assist in creating a safe, secure and compliant File Server network environment.

It helps generate a number of predefined reports. These usually are on parameters like Successful Read, Failed Read Attempts, File and Folder Created, File and Folder Creation Failed, Successful Modification, and Permission Changes. The interface is simple and the IT types will not find it difficult at all to manage this tool. You can get a monitoring display of the status of the servers. The details include name of the server or its IP address, domain or workgroup name, agent status, auditing status and the last update. The agent installed on each server has a set of menu options that include port settings, refresh, install/uninstall agents, and starting and stopping the agent. This is a very good tool.

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LepideAuditor for File Server provides centralized facility for multiplatform auditing of file servers and NetApp filers. The audit reports are saved in a central database too or you can even create a new database in any available SQL server across your network to store audit data. This tool is much-admired as the most useful one to meet security compliances—both internal and regulatory.
LepideAuditor for File Server tracks file server accesses, changes made on files, shares, permissions, and folder structures. Details reports on these changes are emailed to specified users. Besides Who, What, When, and Where details, it also provides the values of the attribute before and after the occurrence of change so that administrators can take instantaneous decisions.
The greatest advantage of this LAFS is that it allows customized auditing. Administrators can decide the objects—users, groups, or events—that are to be audited. They can also set audit rules and audit policies according to which audit will be conducted. With LAFS it becomes easy to add users and computers from remote domains across any OU.
File Server Change Auditor tool is accessible in two versions specifically Freeware Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Freeware-Edition is free with limited functionalities, whereas, Enterprise-Edition is equipped with all functionalities. The free trial version of Enterprise-Edition is only available for 15 days. For more information visit:
File Server Change Auditor
File Server Change Auditor
Version 15.2
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